Houdini point wrangle

Hello Ben,

Thank you for your response. I use 2019.15840 Educational license.
I kind of figured out a way to prevent from crashing: deactivated the “PROCESS ATTRIBUTES” dat execute DAT, unlink the “CODE FOR ATTR”, create a new one with “vex” code, link it back to the executeDAT and activate it again. But I have simplified the process into just sop - chop - top - pixel shader - chop - sop. I have attached a toe file. sopToChop.13.toe (10.0 KB)

Thank you for your reply. I am using 2019.15840. Please see the reply and .toe file above. I was translating a “pseudo 4D_transformation” pointwrangle into touch. The next step would be figuring out a “primitive wrangle” pipeline into touch.

@majinshaoyuindustry Any reason you aren’t using the latest build 2019.20140? (or some that is newer than 2019.15840).

Regardless if you found a workaround we are interested in fixing any crashes in the latest builds. If you can get it to crash in the latest build please send us the dump file.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for trying to diagnose the crash that the file is causing. I’m still away from my computer, but just wanted to give you a quick overview of my original file in case it helps.

Roughly, it takes in sop data, splits that into chunks small enough that a GLSL top can handle the number of vertices, and then processes attributes on all the vertices. Then it reapplies the attributes back to sops, and joins all the sops back together for final output