How can I get my RTPMidi Network device automatically showing up in TD?

Hi there,

benchmarking some setups for my personal use on stage, I’m exploring a way using RTP Midi over network in a context of realtime visuals generated with TD according to sound + midi from another computer and described a very bit there : Best workflow for exporting synchronized audio from Ableton + movie from TD?

From a computer running ableton live, I’m sending midi to TD through network using RTP Midi.
RTP Midi virtual interface is running. But each time I want to use it with TD (each time I launch TD), I have to go to Midi Mapper Dialog, create a new mapping, select my device etc.

Is there a way to make it persistent ?

Td will remember your device after saving with the configuration you want, but I’m not currently aware of a way to make it persistent across all new projects. It is t much of a headache to make a template for yourself though, since you’ll need other things in the project anyhow to ingest and parse that data

Hi @drmbt, thanks for your answer.

Actually, if it would save my midi device, that would be already very nice.
It doesn’t seem to save it. I may miss something or maybe, this is because it is that RTPMidi network stuff thing.

About templating, I always had this kind of very basic workflow coming with a very basic MIDI hub in Max (I’m coming from and still using Max):

  • I have that hub, able to parse anything across these 16 midi channels (notes, cc)
  • I compose music (not focusing on midi itself, just composing)
  • I create generative visuals, exposing some parameters to be controlled by midi
  • I route notes & cc I want to use for this particular song to these particular visuals parameters I want to control ; and this routing is like a preset of my MIDI Hub (in Max)

When I play the song, I recall that dynamic routing preset, and all my MIDI from my composition is controlling visuals.

I’d go that way with TD.

The MIDI Hub is quite straightforward with that MIDI In CHOP, MIDI Select.
If I can’t "dynamic route things and recall, I’d have multiple networks, one for each routing, for instance, and I’d switch some parts on and off. This is my first idea with TD for my next projects.

It sounds like your midi use case is more complex than mine; I use loopbeMIDI to create an Ableton Out virtual midi device, and external instrument aux channels in ableton, with a different channel dedicated to each group(drums, bass, keys, etc.) Then send my messages to touch that way.

Setting up a template in TD with Ableton Out asy the only midi device keeps that data accessible across sessions, it’s a consistent device that doesn’t need to change dynamically. One can then choose to parse that information dynamically on the touch side, with routings per to, or switched via midi or osc sent from ableton

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This is very similar to me.
What I called the midi hub is “just” a part of my software (patches, and now network in TD) that parses and route values to the right part of the patch.

Actually, the fact I use 2 computers is very nice on a way, and adds some issues on the others. As everything, pros, cons etc :smiley:

I’m not sure if this will help with resolving your issue, but last year I shared a simple component that let you select midi devices from ui. Look up “select midi devices from ui” in the shared tox section of this forum.

It might work well as it is, or you could mod/re-engineer and automate the selection with a script (ie when you launch your TD file) instead of using the ui element.

Just an idea, I hope that helps!