How can I let the sound control the colors?

I am a beginner using touchdesigner and am using it for my school project. What I’m doing is visualizing the light through the particlesgpu. My next step is wanting through the microphone when the sound changes, the color of the light also can be changed by the sound. Is that have any possible way I can achieve that?

Thank you in advance!!

Hi Steven, welcome to the forum.

I don’t have a computer in front of me, but the basic steps to get you going could be something like:

Audio device in chop, select your device, in your case the computer microphone.
Analize chop, set to RMS.
(you can also branch out here with a trail chop here to see the values “over time” that you are dealing with)
Math chop, to scale this value to whichever range is useful to your project /idea.
Null chop, it’s often a good programming habit to add a null at the end of an operation, it will make adding nodes in your chain much faster. (in fact you might need to add a limit chop set to clamp to keep the value within a certain range i.e. between 0 and 1, and perhaps also a lag chop to smooth the incoming value a bit).

In that null you should see a value that responds to your microphone. Reference that value to whichever top and top parameter you intend to use. Try for example to change the colour of a constant top. (make the null active by selecting it and pressing ‘a’ on your keyboard, and drag and drop the null onto the constant top RGB parameters)

I hope this helps!


Hello, Fausto

Yes! It‘s very helpful to me! Thank you so much!