How can I reduce the speed of a feedback TOP? The waves shoot off the shoe way too fast and I can't find a way to simply reduce the speed of them but maintain frame rate of the original

It’s easier for people to help you if you post your .toe file

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TouchDesigner_Feedback_01.1.toe (5.8 KB)

Files attached here - thanks!

was wondering if anyone can help!

Feedback works in something like an exponential manner depending on what you do in between the loop, so in your case the biggest effect to the image that is getting compounded is the UV weight and XY displace weight parameters of the displace TOP. You need these to be extremely low effect to get a slower feedback effect. Try the UV Wieght at 0.999 and the XYs at 0.0001 or something will slow things down, but with feedback you can only get so low before you’re up against extremely small floating point increments and such… you should be able to even go another magnitude smaller with those numbers I believe, then you’ll want to dial up your resolution maybe and then downsample…

Looks like the Grow/Shrink of the transform1 TOP will have an effect as well, though I guess it’s pixel based so the numbers have a less drastic effect?

As already mentioned, try reducing the scalars you use in any process within the loop, if you can get a satisfactory slowing of the effect this way it will be the easiest. The only other reasonable option is to render at a higher framerate and output at a lower (Resampling/timestretching)

I haven’t looked for real-time motion interpolators for TD yet, but there are a number of offline options for this. Perhaps someone in this community is aware of a good solution for this, real-time interpolation should be possible in TD with a single frame output delay and a fast enough interpolator/enough gpu power (Has anyone implemented this in a TOP yet?)