How do I access a variable from another DAT?

Say I have Text DAT text1 containing:

dat_pretty_name = 'Wonderful String'

And then I have another Text DAT text2 which I want to somehow print ‘Wonderful String’ by invoking the variable dat_pretty_name from text1

How do I go about doing this? Is there some way just to import that one variable value from text1 into text2?

You could reference your other text DAT as a module like this, and then print it’s variables.

python_mod.toe (5.1 KB)

Do ctrl-r on ‘text1’

Does that help?


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Thanks a lot Jayson, that does it. Totally forgot about module.

FWIW, since posting, I just changed my ‘schema’ so that text1 is no longer a text dat, but a table that has the pretty name in one cell, and some other stuff in another, so that I can just reference things by cell coordinates [x,x].

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just a note. You can also use import text2


oo didn’t know that! thanks!

If text2 has some variables that have the same names as some variables in text1, could it cause a conflict?

No. You can only access them via the namespace. So text2.thevariable.
You could do from text2 import thevariable but then you should be aware of conflicting names.


One more option which can be useful:

pretty_name = op(‘text2’).module.dat_pretty_name