How do I create a projection mapping piece that follows the human body in TouchDesigner?

Hi I am a student and have been spending the last 6 months learning TD!

I’m trying to create a piece where I could map my touchdesigner visuals (that is reactive to the human body’s movement …tracked through azure kinect) to my body. I’ve seen forums that says there are ways to do it like placing a camera inside TD or using point cloud?

However, as a beginner I have no idea what any of that means. Can anyone help me by giving me a few technique names or programs I should be researching on? Or where I should start?

The only tools I have are: old version of madmapper, Touchdesigner, Azure Kinect, and a projector

I don’t have a 3D background at all but I can spend time learning if anyone could help point me to where to start.

Thank you for your help!

Maybe this helps

wow thank you so much Achim! Appreciate it