How do I find out the maximum and minimum values (y)?

Simple as that :0) How do I find out the maximum and minimum values (y) from an incoming channel so i know what to set my Limit CHOP to?


Hi there,

I am sure that this can be resolved in one single line of Python, but some time ago I came up with a little component that calculates min, max, and average value of a CHOP.

I find it helpful to use when dealing whit erratic values (incoming data from Arduino’s sensors etc…)

I have attached the component.

1# Drop this component in your network.
2# Connect the CHOP you want to read to the IN.
3# Connect a null to the OUT. (optional)
4# Press the reset button in the Reset page of the component.

The network inside this component it’s definitely over complicated, but it works. I use this component all the time, and never bothered optimising since this is an operator that I usually use for quick testing only and finding min/max ranges.

Let me know if it does the job for you as well.
Min_Max_Average.tox (1.46 KB)

Thanks for the great tool! works well, especially like the average value there as well.


The Analyze CHOP can give you the maximum/minimum values from an input channel.

Very true Eric, thanks for that.

However, with the Analize CHOP, I noticed that if I want to get the maximum/minimum value of an LFO for example, or a noise CHOP set to Time slice, I need to hook up my CHOP to something like a Trail Chop first, and then feed this to an Analyze CHOP.

and beyond that, what will I do now with my over engineered Min_Max_Average custom made component ?

Got it!
I have remade my Min_Max_Average component using two Analyze CHOPs.
Now my component uses half of the operators it was using before, and the Probe likes it better too! it came up with the message “It was about time”.
Tox attached.
Min_Max_Average_v2.tox (982 Bytes)