How do i get each vertices of geometry to interact?

Hi everyone, I’m trying to interact with a geometry using Kinect chop values, but I don’t want to change the scale… I want to interact with each vertex of the geometry.
I don’t know which is the best approach, whether it’s the GLSL or DAT way of creating geometry. Does anyone have any tips for me? it would be great to know how to start, thanks.

Hello guys,
random_points.tox (16.4 KB)

I just want to share with you that I found a way to do it, so… I am using SOP to DAT to get each point of the geometry and using Evaluate DAT to insert random numbers in each roll (x,y, and z) with the expression me.inputCell+op(‘null13’)[me.inputRow,0] . I will upload the project if someone is interested.