How do I list all global OPs?

Is there a way to quickly see a list of all global OPs I’ve created?

I’m keeping a paper list by hand, but would be nice to see if I’ve forgotten to write any down…

There’s probably many ways to do this, but the way that comes to mind would be using an opFindDAT, changing par name on the filters page to ‘opshortcut’, and setting non-default to true. On the component page, change the Component path to / to start your search at the top of the network. Then toggle Limit Max Depth to off, and it should return a list of all the ops in your network that you’ve assigned a global shortcut to.

Note that you may have to pulse the active cook parameter to see updates in changes, I’ve noticed that with it set to automatic, the opFind doesn’t always update as you’d like it to dependably, and the alternative option of changing active cook to always will absolutely merc your performance as it tries to poll every op in your network every frame.

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Or full Python

print([shortcut for shortcut in op])