How to add multiple choice scope-type StrMenu as custom parameter?

i’d like to create a custom COMP with a scope selection StrMenu that allows selection of multiple options simultaneously. i can find examples of these all over the place - see Page Scope and Parameter Scope in the Parameter COMP for just one example. as far as i can tell there isn’t an option to create one in the Customize Tox window. is there any way to create one?

Doesn’t seem like it out of the box, i tried dragging one of those pars onto the Customize parameter panel, which will copy all the attributes of a par into a new custom par, but indeed that behavior doesn’t come with it. You could probably utilize a par execute and the prev argument of the onValueChange function to compare and alter the resulting value, although that sounds like a potential loop of doom waiting to happen if you’re not careful… or pair it up with a regular string parameter just under the string StrMenu that holds your final result and use the StrMenu to edit the other via par execute on the StrMenu that makes a temporary set and adds/removes items before putting back into a space delimited list/string on the regular string par?, might be safer.

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working on something like this now with Parameter Execute DAT. not perfect but it’s close enough :sweat_smile:

Oh wow, this would be super useful for a project I’m working on too