How to animate points/particles along a curved path

I’m trying to create a sort of ‘coins flying from one cup into another’ triggerable animation. I’m not sure if particles is the best way to do this, but the reason I’m gravitating toward the Particle SOP is because I know I can easily control the birth rate based on a trigger.

I think this might be the simplest representation of what I’m approximately after:

The thing is, I have no idea how I would animate the travel path of these particles to curve from one point to another, but not in a straight line, rather in a curve.

Open to any and all suggestions.

Hey @matijaerceg ,

The Particle SOP is perfect for this.
Also this turned out to be the perfect fun break today to clear my head, so you’re in luck I guess :wink:


Download here: particles_in_a_curve.tox (4.9 KB)

Explanation: particles are created with an initial velocity/direction that comes from the source geometry’s point normals. So in this case I tilted a grid upwards, and amplified its normal vectors magnitude with a Point SOP, to make all particles fly fast upwards and to the right.
Then I added some downwards gravity using the Force parameter on the particle SOP.
The resulting trajectory is a curve. Have fun! Cheers, Idzard


oh wow, they even collide with the second cup! Thank you @nettoyeur

Now, if you wanted to make them fly along an ‘unnatural’ path, say an S-curve, would there be a way to draw such a path, and have particles follow such a path?

You can make much more complex patterns using a Metaball SOP and a Force SOP.
Open the Operator Snippets, and look for the “force” examples for the Particle SOP.

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