How to animate text around an ellipse

I am a TD noob wondering about the feasibility of this project. I have several banks of text that I want to animate around an ellipse. In other words, I want several “wheels” of text that spin (see picture) like a clock.

Each bank contains hundreds of lines of text between 150 - 250 characters. Touchdesigner would have to switch between different lines of text and wrap it evenly around an ellipse and rotate each wheel. Each bank gets assigned to a particular wheel. I could do this in After Effects, but I have a TON of text and need a more generative option.

This is a good question, and it looks like it’s come up before, without any great results. See here, here, or here

However, there’s a tox & an idea for simple curves (like your ellipses) here, so you might dig into that. The simple-curve idea is to feed a Text SOP into a Twist SOP. The more involved tox gets a point on a curve for every character in a string, then uses a Replicator to make geometry for each character. Not the most graceful, but it’s something, I guess?

you could also have a look at this tutorial by the amazing Bileam Tschepe