how to boole

hello, im trying to make a circle inside a rectangle, in 3d world i could achive that using two polygons in a boole but in touch designer is not doing it, the more accurate result i got was with carve but that makes a curve, so can i extrude that after to make the geometry i want or how can i boole my circle and rectangle?

thanks in advance!

In your case it is probably easier to use the Hole SOP - example attached.

The Boolean SOP is quite picky in what it accepts: all shapes must be closed and all polygons must be convex and coplanar. See some tips how to prep your geometry on the Boolean SOP wikipage

also very basic Boolean SOP example with just a box and a sphere in attachment.
boolean_SOPs.tox (926 Bytes)

thats exactly what i wanted but i got confused with the boole of 3d software, thank you very much :slight_smile: