How to change leapmotion sample rate?

I need to send leapmotion data over OSC at 90 FPS (HTC Vive framerate…)
the device sends data at 115 fps according to Leap Motion Diagnostic Visualizer.
My TD project is configured to run @90 FPS, and runs in perform mode with V-sync disabled, but data are sent at 60 FPS.
When I check the infos panel of leapmotion CHOP it shows :
Sample Rate : 60 samples/sec
how can I change that ?

I placed a perform chop in the same component, and it works at 90 fps as expected, sending OSC at the expected rate.

here is my file :

leapMotion_OSC_FPS.1.toe (6.5 KB)

and a Max patch showing the framerate difference : Max%20check%20FPS

Sorry if I’m missing something obvious… I’m a very new TD user :nerd_face:

It looks like the Leap Motion CHOP is currently fixed at 60fps internally in TD. We’re just looking into how best to support higher frame rates and we’ll let you know when a solution is available.

We’ve updated the Leap Motion CHOP now to run at the global cook rate so you shouldn’t have a problem outputting at 90fps. The change will be included in the next release.

great !
thanks very much for the quick fix :grinning: