How to close an object created with sweep SOP

Hi all, I’m trying to execute a boolean on an object created with a Sweep SOP based on a Path SOP generated with CHOP data.

I am able to convert the sweeped object into a polygon but I still get an error from the boolean “Object X is not closed”. Looking at the polygon, the start and end of the sweep have an open face that I assume is what should be closed.

How can I close an object created with a sweep? Closing the original path is not an option as this needs to be open. I have tried with the Cap and Skin SOPs but with poor results atm.

Here an example of what I’m trying to achieve:

Test Close Sweep Object.toe (7.2 KB)

using Cap SOP and convert to quadrilaterals seems to work

cap_open_geometry.tox (9.3 KB)

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Indeed it does! This is perfect thanks.