How to control the index slider of 'Switch' using microphone (AudioDeviceIn) input

Hello people,

I am a student at an Indian design school who got stuck on a project. Hence i came here, needing the support of this community.

In my project i am doing real-time Chroma keyying by taking the input via camera of any object placed in front of green screen. I have set of pictures and videos that i will place by replacing green screen. I want to change the videos and pictures by audio input which will be “pinch of fingers”, i have a microphone to do this. I am new to this software hence completely blank.

I am able to do chroma keyying and using switch and cross i am able to change the videos manually. I want to get this done using audio input via microphone. I can take input but don’t know the exact “math” to do this. Kindly please help me out with this.

The screenshot is also attached below, for a better clearity.

Eagarly waiting for the response.


Suyash Tiwari

touch designer noob

New Media Design Student

NID Gandhinagar, Gujrat, India