How to control the value of a constant(resolution) with sound volume in touch designer

Hello guys!

I am a beginner using touchdesigner and am using it for my school project. What I’m doing is visualizing my webcam with instancing but also connecting it to a sound input, so when there is no sound (or the volume is 0) the image disappears. What I want to do know is to control the resolution of the visualization coming from a constant via the volume of the sound input. So basically the higher the sound the higher the resolution and vice versa. How can I achieve this? Do i need to add the file here?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Stivi,

instead of controlling resolution, have a look at the Palette>ImageFilters>Pixelate. It has parameters to control the pixelsize which I believe is the visual look you like to achive?


Hey @snaut thank you for your reply!

Turns I just had to click the + icon on the node and than drag the volume from my audio in into the constant which is responsible for the resolution of my project.

Such a dumb thing, I know :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!