HOW TO - Convert/Sort Table Data from Arduino w/ Python

Hello Touch Crew,

I know this is a laymans question and i think I have seen this in some of MRs or Elburz tutorials, but I cant find it again. Its an easy one, I would aprreciate some help. This little tiny thing has me stuck searching all tutorials with no sign of succes. Here is the thing…


Arduino data comming in via serial. All values are in one row and need to be sorted. How to sort by name, its value and append each in a different table. One cell for name and one for its corresponding value?

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SensorPlant_Beta0.0-Upload.toe (3.9 KB)


I dont have a computer in front of me to test this, but I would use a select dat to get rid of the first row (message) then a convert Dat to separate by comma.
Transform dat to make rows into columns, and then another convert to separate by :
Then a substitute to get rid of ’

Hey FaustoB,

yep this was the right choice…
I was thinking about the python way (executeDat - convert string into float - appendRow in other table),
But this is more straight forward. Haven’t thought about the convertDAT. I post your sollution so everybody can have look at it and learn.

Thx for the help FaustoB…

SensorPlant_Beta0.1-Upload.toe (4.5 KB)

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Good to hear that it was helpful!
thanks for sharing the file, interesting how you used the FIFO DAT, I didn’t even know that operator existed!

me either…
Check out this channel on Youtube.Think you’ll recognize the guy :wink: