How to create a rotating travelling camera

Hello. I want to accomplish not a fixed camera filming all the surface geometry of the rotating object, as the one on the attached file FLYING ROCK_fixed.1.toe (6.3 KB) . I need to record a rotating travelling, a subjective view. I mean by this that the viewer moves along with the camera in the space, as in 3 D, and can watch and record the rotating object as the camera were flying around. Hope you understand what I mean. Maybe with Touchdesigner you cant do that. I have a clip sample to show this more evidently, but only can send it to you by email as it’s ©. Thanks in advance for any new tip.

Hi Destroboy, I’m new to touch too so I can only help so much. Maybe this video can help you achieve what you are after? At the 10 minute mark he talks about camera movements. Let us know if this helps!

Hello Pattrick. I will see if I can apply to my project the camera movements that are explained on the video and let you know. Many thanks!