How to create an Oscilloscope?

I want to create something simliar to this:

I know how to connect a softsynth via ableton to td. But I don’t know how I can use the incoming audio signal to show the waveform in a visually pleasant way like in the video above.
Any suggestions?

As the video title already suggest - it’s a Lissajous curve, which is constructed from two sin wave oscillators .

(I guess that is what he is doing in the video - changing the frequency of two different oscillators)

I made a quick example using two audio oscillator CHOP’s and two expressions CHOP’s to calculate the x,y values - using them for instancing circles in a GEO…

Perhaps this gives you an idea…

lissanjou_curve_from_osc.2.toe (18.1 KB)


O wow - thank you that is beautiful :slight_smile: