How to create with Vive pro 2

I use TDVR in palette, but I only see this interface, and I can’t see anything with the headset on

I used Mr. Jarrett’s TDVR file in the forum, and after opening it, I could move around with the headset on, but only my left eye could see the green grid on the ground, and I couldn’t see anything with my right eye.
Sorry I don’t know how to take screenshots in VR yet

I use the palette inside the vive simple, finally can wear the headset to see the screenshots in the openvr render components, but I still do not know how to use these components to create, and I can only control a handle

I should have already configured steamvr and vive, do I need any more configurations?

I didn’t find any tutorials related to this on YouTube, I searched the internet and only LinkedIn seems to have a paid tutorial on it. I’m a student, where can I find free tutorials?