How to deal with jumping values from Kinect Rotations


trying to feed a rigged character with Kinect 2 data but the rotation values coming from the device are jumping randomly from 180 to -180 or from 0.something to 180 and -180. Happens most often when I don’t move at all, just standing in front of the kinect.

That really break things up, especially looking at the forearms data which is important in my case.

Do you guys found a way to deal with those jumps?

First inclination would be a Lag CHOP? Maybe toodle with the max slope?

Hm but how do you think it will prevent the jumps which are breaking the bones? It will just interpolate them, no? So it will occur in slower and more visible breaking…

That’s part of the magic of the Lag OP! You can tell it that data can only change so fast, which can be great for smoothing things like this. You do run the risk, of course, of oversmoothing data that you want to be sharper at times, so you’ll have to play with it and see what works for you. And again, it may not be the right solution, but I made a demo of how you can use it to smooth this kind of data; check out the trail OPs on the right side of the project space in the attached example file to see how lag can smooth sharply changing data.

Anyway, just one thought. Post back here if you figure out something that works well for you!
lag_demo.toe (3.88 KB)