How to Declutter

Hi everyone!

I have a growing number of video OPs going into the same 4 video switchers and getting data also from one single OP. What would be the best practice to declutter this (to have less wiring) and may make it easier to add new video OPs without manually connecting them to the 4 switchers?

You can use Base COMPs to divide your network into modular blocks, and give the Base COMPs a desciptive name, like inputs, outputs, postFX, etc.
I have a rule to have a max of 10 to 20 nodes in a COMP. That way you can understand immediately what each COMP network does, also in a year from now.
You can add In & Out nodes to give them wire inputs&outputs, or if you don’t like wires you can use Select nodes to pull data in from other parts of your network without using wires.

Hey @jkruezi,

As @nettoyeur says: Select operators of all families are a great resource to declutter visually. When used in connection with custom parameters on the components that they are inside of, the whole setup becomes much more manageable and readable.