How to disable my non-commercial license and ONLY run my commercial license on one machine?

Hello everyone,

I am a beginner on TouchDesigner, have some issues on my commercial license,

My first question:

It is quite confused for me about the license, I purchased the commercial license in the Nov 10th 2020, I installed it and run it which was good;

Suddenly, my TouchDesigner turn back to Non-commercial version when I try to open it yesterday, So I paid other USD 300 to update it, but my TouchDesigner still running as non-commercial license.

I can’t disable my commercial license, I selected the commercial license and clicked the disable key on the license manger, I 've got the error message said: "Key must be valid or expired: unrecognized format(5).

Also I can’t get ride of the non-commercial license on the same machine, there are 3 pieces of non-commercial license on the same machine which impossible to disable. I used non-commercial license to learn TouchDesigner than I spend $900 to purchase and updated it, but still stick on the non-commercial license.

How to disable my non-commercial license and ONLY run my commercial license on one machine?

Love the TouchDesigner very much, can’t wait to run it !



Hey Yibai,

We’re responded to your email about the licensing issue yesterday. Did it not come through? We think it may be an issue with your system code changing. The Non-commercial will only be used if it’s not detecting a Commercial license. Can you check your email or junk to see if you got our response?
Sorry about this issue

Hi Malcolm, Thanks for your reply!

I’ve got the mail from Nadine yesterday and today, I just wrote back a mail to Nadine who is very kind and patient guide me to check my license.

I can see the commercial license on my PC but I couldn’t disable it for moving to other machine, or just let the machine only run commercial license. I got the error message when I click the disable key on Key manager, it said: Key must be valid or expired (unrecognized format 5); my system code is different with the one in my Derivate account. how to change the system code to match the one registered under my commercial license?

I have been working on the license for over 12 hours, Can you help me to make my commercial license back to work?

Thank you again!


Hi Yibai,

Sorry for the delay. Your license has been manually released. Let us know if you have any other issues at all.


Hi Nadine,

Thank you so much!!!

I will try reinstall the key



Yes, It’s working now !!!

Thank you Nadine,
Thanks for your patience and professional instruction !!!

Very appreciated


Yibai Liao