How to export a looping 3d motion

Hello, I’m trying to import a motion 3d model from blender to touchdesigner (as fbx file). But when I export the movie, the starting and ending point are not the same. It’s always appears hiccups. This also happened when I export the smoke from nvdia flow emitter. If anyone know how to render a smooth looping movie please help me!
Thank you!

Not sure if any of these will help you but here are some suggestions I use when exporting out of Touchdesigner.

  • Be sure to set the real time flag to off.
  • Set the range limit to once.
  • Lock any animations or videos to the timeline.
  • Set the End point to match the total length of animation/video you want to record.
  • Set the playhead to the start of the timeline, set up & toggle on the record, and then hit play!
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