How to export the video with transparent background?

I was trying to use the moviefileout top to export the video, but there was always a black background on it. Can touchdesigner export the video with an alpha background?

hey, welcome to the forum.
You’ll need to choose a video codec which supports alpha, such as:

  • Animation
  • GoPro-Cineform
  • HAP
  • HAP Q
  • HAP R
  • NotchLC

Also for these codecs you need to set the movie pixel format parameter to RGBA instead of RGB

Thanks for the reply nettoyeur.

I’ve tried some more tests out without much luck yet. Wondering if anyone else out there has successfully been able to get movie outputs with alpha (when using alpha videos in your project), on a Mac M1/M2?

GoPro Cineform error “not supported in this OS”
HAP R error “Windows only or newer GPU…”
NotchLC seemingly recorded something, but I can’t play it back since I don’t have Notch/need to edit in Premiere

The other formats above I’ve tested with spotty results, at most they seem to only provide a still image alpha matte as output, despite having a test alpha video playing. Wondering if anyone else has found a work around on a Mac, or if I’ll have to bite the bullet one day and fix/replace my PC?

Hey, Im using m1 Mac and having the same issues.
GoPro Cineform is the only option that brings up RGBA, but as you say, it’s unsupported.

Did you check if Animation codec on RGBA does work for you? And HAP or HAP Q (so not Hap R) on RGBA ?

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Yes, Animation on RGBA does seem to do the trick.
I initially thought it wasn’t working as it wouldn’t play in QuickTime, but it’ll open in Final Cut perfectly, which is exactly what I wanna be doing :ok_hand:

Once again Nettoyeur, you’ve been a great help. Thank you so much

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