How to extract the right value of kinect v1 (1414) , i want to use my hand to move the circle , just like we do with mouse , please help me out

caliber.1.toe (10.9 KB)

You have isolated the correct tx and ty for each hand, so you can use them directly in place of tx/ty from the mouse.

Did you get it working with the mouse first?

caliber.34.toe (5.9 KB)

still right hand kinda works but with ;left hand it doesnt move

Its unclear what you are trying to achieve but here are some tips. If you want 2 hands you’ll need 2 circles.

I see you are controlling a Circle TOP, which is a 2D image. Therefore you need to turn on the Kinect CHOP’s Color Space Positions and use u and v channels, u maps to x, v maps to y.

If you are doing 3D positions with geometry (Circle SOP and 3D Object COMPs), that is where you would use the World Space Positions and the channels tx, ty, and tz.

caliber 45.toe (7.6 KB)
actually it did worked using 2 hands , i am using the older version of kinect which doesnt support the colour space position, and i have to simply move this drop, it is working very well but there is a huge gap between the hand an ball

it just needs little calibration now

well thanks , finally i got it

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