how to find unoptimized expressions

wondering how I can find all unoptimized parameter expressions in a large network.
I don’t see a member in the Par Class which shows if a parameter expression is optimized or not - is there a way to get this information?


There is no way to list them right now. In general you shouldn’t need this though as have an unoptimized expression isn’t inherently bad. It’ll be slower than an optimized one, but the speed difference may be negligible depending on how many of those copies of the expressions are running each frame

in my case the network is that large that an optimization of all nodes which are cooking continuously with unoptimized expressions would be beneficial. (speed difference is for instance 0.090 to 0.010 for a single node, if you have a lot of those nodes buried in the network it adds up).
But I can totally imagine adding reporting for this (so for instance I could find them with the findChildren method) would make everything slower overall, so the cure would be worse than the cause?