How to force cooking of CHOPs before executing Parexec code

I am trying to cook CHOP network before a certain part of python code executes from Parexec. It works fine most of the time, but there are some gotchas I can’t seem to figure out. Could you please take a look at attached file and help me understand what is happening under the hood? There is a deeper explanation of problem inside of toe file. Thanks.
cook_order.3.toe (5.3 KB)

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I’ve run into variations of this discovery many times as well, but never managed to isolate it into such a clean example. I’m not sure if it’s a bug, but it sure is annoying.

If you bypass the lag_state chop, you’ll notice the issue goes away. timeslicing nodes I’ve found often create these odd “off by 1” errors where things like param execute dat’s and similar nodes tend to execute before I guess the nodes down stream get word of the new channels added, or that a value has changed.

Maybe one of the devs can chime it, or post this to the bugs part of the forum - it’s a nice find!


Definitely post in bugs

Moved to bugs, thanks. :slight_smile:

So that was an interesting bug report. I’ve fixed an issue with force cook not updating data, so the file you post will be working in the next official post. Unfortunately right now the force cook is still needed. I will update if anything changes… Thanks for the report!


Thank you very much. I will test it with some more complex setups that were acting strange before (and from which I have derived this example file). :slightly_smiling_face: