How to have the audio fade between scenes in sceneChanger

HI I am using sceneChanger to fade between scenes according to osc input using the script below. The sound file inside the scene doesn’t change to the sound in the next scene though. In fact the sound will only play at all if I place it in an open panel or in perform when playing the project in perform mode. When I do this I have the sounds from all the scenes playing at once. Another problem is the movies in the scenes don’t crossfade, what happens is the current scene stops dead and the next scene fades in. I should add I have the sound comeing out of audiodeviceout

def onValueChange(bindOp, chan, val, prev, source):
if == ‘meditation’ and val <= 44:

Yes it doesn’t support that capability but clearly it should. Ill add this feature over the next week or so. Will post here when its available.

Hi Jarrett, thanks, that would be great. I actually just found a way of getting the audio to switch on and off when the scene changes but with no crossfade. I dragged Play from Scene Settings in scene_1 container parameters onto the python box in Play on audiofilein inside scene_1. This way the sound turns off from scene_1 when scene_1 is turned off by sceneChanger. The snags I’m left with are that, when using python to have an osc threshold to change scenes the crossfade I set doesn’t function correctly. The previous video stops dead and the next video fades in from nothing. If I use fire scene pulse instead of the python script the crossfade works correctly. The other snag is that in order to hear the sounds I have to place all the audiodevout nodes into a visible pane or into perform if I’m in perform mode. I plan on using maybe 100 scenes which would make this quite messy though not impossible.

Hi @jarrett. I watched your Touch Designer In Session 15 on using scene changer with TDA and would like to use sceneChanger without Ableton Live for an upcoming show which will also require a lot of scenes. But I plan to not use Live and TDAbleton to keep both screen real estate and complexity down, so would like to do everything in TD. Is there any progress on how to fade the audio between scenes or should I just use a hard switch or something? Any advice appreciated.

@Jarrett and TD gurus: I like sceneChanger for my visuals. I need to mix prerecorded movies with my TD simulations in my next show in a week. I can handle audio separately for the simulations but need to use the sync audio in the movie playback. I can put up with no audio fades and no audio during scene Changes. What is the best workaround for sync audio with sceneChanger?

Any advice appreciated.

PS I am hoping to get the whole show in sceneChanger without running a separate program like moviePlayer.

Hi Gord, I have this modified sceneChanger from a workshop 2 years ago which does audio fading as well as video.
But here are the caveats, I don’t know which version of sceneChanger this started with, there are certainly updates to the one in the palette that improved it. Also, I’m not sure if my audio-blender is don’t the way Jarrett would have added it to sceneChanger, so using this might not be compatible with a audio-capable sceneChanger in the future. I recommend you look at where it is different than the one in the palette and try to copy in the audio part of the modification. Load scenes1-3 with movies with audio and testing it and follow the data to see how it is all working, I am sure you can copy and paste the parts you need into your sceneChanger.

SceneChangerBase2022.toe (125.8 KB)

Thank you very much Ben. I got my first part working roughly without fades using parent.Scene.par.Start and parent.Scene.par.Play to control movie and audio files (without fades) since my audio generally fades out on songs. But for some reason I can’t figure out why it’s not working on part two (had to split due to frame rate drops). I will try out your file - much appreciated!

Hey Ben it seems to work like a charm with a few sample files! I will flesh out the show and see how it works with 10 more scenes. I really appreciate you answering my query as I am under the gun on schedule… Great stuff!

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