How to limit a parameter "Look at" to only one axis?

Hi, If you specify object B in the settings “Look at” of object A, then A will turn in direction B immediately along three axes. How to limit rotation only on one axis?

I think the ObjectCHOP is the place to start for this. It has options to compute bearing angles, though you likely need to deal with negating the rotations based on where the objects are since it doesn’t do quaternions. Also, you’d need to parent the rotating object to another object that you are using in the object CHOP to refer to the look at object since you will then need to export back to the object being rotated. You’d create a dependency loop I think if you referred to the same object you are trying to rotate with the object CHOP.

Will see if I can’t make an example when at my TD machine later, but maybe this is a start…

Achro-p, many thanks for the advice, but the tool “Look at”, as it turned out, makes very strange things with the axes of objects. Apparently, this is not my way.
Kinect_DMX_test.toe (7.33 KB)

Here’s another example that may be similar technique, using the under used Blend CHOP
It uses the Blend CHOP to place an object under B, that only takes its x,z values, ignoring Y, and ignoring rotations, scales.
You can then look at that instead.

(It assumes the looker it at Y=0, but that can be adjusted as necessary).

Start up the tox, and toggle the “Plane” parameter to see the effect.
blend_plane.tox (1.75 KB)

Rob! You are the best! Thanks a lot!

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