How to link two components between multiple parent/child

Hello all!

I’m trying to run a simple algorithm where a button CHOP outputs the 0/1 value to a null CHOP and then I’m getting the offToOn() in a CHOP execute to execute some functions.

I would like to have the python code text in the parent so I see all of them together. I guess what I-m after is the MasMSP “send” and “receive”. I post here a picture

I would like to know what is the best way to have the chopexec in the right panel below “controlpanel”. I tried dragging it but was unsuccessful and the value stops executing the code. Any help?


Select chop did the trick!

This is funny. My friend was teaching me some Max/MSP and when he showed me “send” and “receive” I thought “Oh, like the “Select” op in TouchDesigner.”