How to make audioreactive visuals with external audio devices?

Hello community, I’ve been using TD for a few months, and I’ve come across the necessity of making audioreactive visuals that respond to external instruments, however I have no clue where to start despite having to use the Audio Device In CHOP. My idea is to have a system that captures ambient sounds being performed live by musicians (maybe with a microphone capturing the sound of guitars, vocals, maybe directely from an audio interface), and those sounds cause alterations on the visuals I invent. Any suggestions? Any help? Thanks in advance!

This is a good start, Bileam covers what you need to get started with audio reactive visuals:

cheers - L

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Thanks Luke! I’ve already checked those tutorials in my begginner projects and they are really helpful! I’ll check them again to see if I missed something or if I come across new ideas.

Bileam has (most of) what you need.
One concept you might think about is a more-than-2-channel audio interface.
MOTU Mk5 a lot of inputs and outputs.
Because each source has its own channel you can use those to control different things without having to filter and eq to try and isolate the audio you want to react to.
If any of this is coming from a DAW you might have the option to connect directly to the DAW. TDAbleton opens up a whole can of worms. Reaper can send 16 channels of ASIO audio that TD can bring in (Windows. Mac has its own ways) and use to trigger/control stuff.

But start with Bileam.

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Thank You @goblynn93 for the tips! I’m using a scarlet 2i4 by Focusrite as an audio interface and also I have an ASIO driver as default on my computer. I’m studying latelty more of TDA Ableton functionalities since I’m an Ableton user.