How to make bloom effect?

Hi everyone, I would like to ask how to make interactive particle with mouse movement. Here is the brief:
when mouse is moving I would like to make several flowers pop up along with the mouse movement, just just like disney film which when the character walk there are flowers blooming along the path. Please help, can anyone explain to me how to make this or is there any video tutorial for this?

Hi @calvinmxm,

have a look at for tutorials on particlesGPU.
You can specify a source that can be controlled via your mouse position. As a next step control the Birth rate with either a mouse button or depending on mouse movement. For example should there be more flowers created when the mouse is moving faster?

The last step is a bit more complex: do you have the blooming effect saved as a movie or will it be separate frames in a 3DTexture TOP? Are there different flowers or is it all the same flower?
particlesGPU saves a id for particles wihich can be used to display different textures onto each particle (as it works with the default leaf setup). Additionally partlcleGPU also outputs the lifetime of each particle which you could use to either play the movie or do a lookup intpo the 3DTexture - both of which you would have to do with a shader though.


I’m very glad you could explain it to me, but sorry I still not quite understand about controlling the birth rate and lifetime. Could you please show me an example for that?? Ohyeah and the example for the blooming effect is on this video, you can check it if you want

Hey @calvinmxm,

the whole thing involves a few different areas of TouchDesigner, including instancing, glsl shader code, custom components. But attached is a starting point where the source position of the particles is controlled by the mouse (click on the parent controlpanel to see it working). From here you would want to figure out the shader that takes the 3dTextures of the blooming flowers and maps them onto each particle depending on it’s lifetime.

interactiveParticles.tox (498.1 KB)

Hi @snaut ,

Wow , I really appreaciate for the example you just gave me. And yea it’s working but not shown on the render section. I’m going to figure it out the logic and once again thankyou for file example.

Calvin Leonardo