How to make projector blending width in a square wave shape

Hi, I am trying to make the projector blending overlap in a zigzag shape, like a rectangular wave, but it is not working.

Currently I have tried gradating ‘Rectangle TOP’ with ‘Ramp TOP’, but this does not make the brightness of the vertical overlap area constant. I would like to know if anyone knows of a better way.

Hi @yoshida64,

a proper edgeblend is not linear but needs to add brightness levels. You can find a good description of the appropriate blend technique in Paul Bourke’s article here:

The blendfunction can be created with CHOPs and then used from a linear ramp via a Lookup TOP. A full implementation can be found in camSchnappr’s blendFunction component that sits in camSchnappr/project/blendFunction
camSchnappr itself can be dragged from the Palette>Mapping

Hope this helps a bit

Thank you for answering!

Additionally, I would like to make the overlapping area along the rectangle, is it possible to create a gradient along the edges of this rectangle?

I was thinking that if I wanted to blend the top and bottom projectors together like fitting puzzle pieces together, I would also need an overlapping area in the area marked in red in the attached image.

Hi @yoshida64 ,

I’m very curious to see the hardware setup and what you are trying to achive :slight_smile:

Like multiplying your Rectangle TOP with a vertical Ramp TOP, you could also create a horizontal Ramp TOP and multiply the Rectangle with it as well?