How to open an anim editor pane with a path to a clip


I’d like to open an anim editor floating pane, but I also would like it to load a specific clip…
Can’t find a way to set the anim editor to a clip. Unless of course I right click and open the anim editor from the clip itself, but I need to do this from script, not manually.

Any suggestions?

btw it needs to be a floating pane because I need to open it in perform mode. If I pulse the editanimation parm on the clip it will not open a floating pane (and during perform doesn’t open anything)

Hi Dani, I can’t dig deeper on this, but maybe this code provides some clues:

def elementKeyframe(self, elementOp):
	keyframeop = elementOp.op('keyframe')   # a Keyframe COMP

	p = ui.panes.createFloating(type=PaneType.ANIMATIONEDITOR, monitorSpanHeight=0.3)
	#p.showParameters = 1
	p.owner = keyframeop.op('animation')
	keyframeop.op('animation/attributes')['editratex', 1] = str(int(elementOp.time.rate))
	op('/ui/dialogs/keyframer/clippath/string').text = keyframeop.op('animation').path
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And you can consider Keith Lostracco’s Keyframer COMP:

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Is it still the case that if we want to have animation editor as part of a gui that we should use Keith’s keyframer component ? I want to be able to see the anim curves, edit them, traverse the timeline while in perform mode.