How to output blob tracking info onto the blob itself?


I’m tracking the movement in a video with the blob tracking tool. The blob is showing up as a purple color. I also connected the info node to it to see the position of the blobs. How do I output the info panel data onto the blob itself, a little bit like you see on the video screenshot attached?

Cannot attach the patch as I’m a new user.

Hi there, and welcome to the forum!
I would use text TOPs and translate them by the values that the BlobTrack TOP is reading. Quick and dirty example attached below.

Blob Tracking info to blob itself.toe (4.1 KB)

I hope that helps to get you going!!


Hey thank you so much, this definitely helped!

I was wondering though if there’s anything I could do about these two issues:

  1. Can I limit the number of blobs used to 1? Couldn’t find where I could set this up.

  2. I noticed that the text is flickering a lot and it’s somehow impossible to make it black. When I set it to white it works, but when I set it to black, it disappears…

Here’s how it looks like: The Body is Moving, the Machine is Learning - YouTube

Can’t send an attachment, but here is the screenshot of the whole setup (inspired by yours), plus my text settings:

And the text settings:

Hey there!

You can use a select DAT after the info DAT to select just the first row. Also you can use select DAT to separate each individual cell, so that after you can convert the signal into CHOP using a Datto CHOP.

After converting to CHOP you can apply filter CHOP or lag CHOP to reduce the flickering

Got it?
If you can do it by yourself would be great, or else poke me and tomorrow I’ll upload you an example