How to populate all cells in a table

Hi there, is there any way to fill out all cells in a table?

I’ve been using the Script DAT to try, e.g. op(‘table1’)[0,0] = “Hello”
However, I can’t find a way of populating all cells, something like op(‘table1’)[,] = “Hello”
Seems to not work for me, not sure what characters are used to select all cells in a table.

Any help is appreciated!

Have you tried the Evaluate DAT?
Example below!
EvaluateDAT.toe (3.4 KB)

That’s exactly it, thank you so much!

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I have occasionally also used the following method:

Tables are tab-delimited, so you can fill them like this:
op('myTableDAT').text = '1\t2\t3\n4\t5\t6'

The \t works as a cell delimiter and the \n works as a row delimiter.