How to read a table dat based on count chop

op('table1')[0, op('count1')[0]] is the expression I am using to go through a table based on a count variable but it is not working for some reason, and there is no error, meaning the command is correct and referencing the right parameters and operators.
Can’t find any answer anywhere, I uploaded bellow a screenshot, thanks in advance

Hi @johncaraj,

the CHOP value will be a float, so to access a cell you will have to cast it to an integer:

op('table1')[0, int(op('count1')[0])]

Just as a note, the Text TOP also allows for specifying a DAT and using the DAT Row and DAT Col parameters to display a specific cell.

Hope this helps

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Yes it worked, I didn’t knew that thank you very much!

Also, if you’re using this text in a panel, consider using a textCOMP instead of a textTOP