How to read an UDP Broadcast stream in DAT with Python or any other method

Hello there,

I’m trying to read a broadcast UDP stream which send JSON format key/value. I do know how to manage this when the UDP is not a boardcast with DAT UDP In, but as soon as I’m connecting to the host / port that deliver the UDP Broadcast nothing is read.

I think that’s a limitation of the DAT UDP In node.

I’m not a TD expert, much more a newbee, but I do know Python.Is that possible to modify or enhance an existing DAT? Or is it possible to create a Python node that will loop constantly to receive and decode the values received? If yes, how to implement this - I’m particularly stuck on this point.

Thanks in advance for the upcoming leads or examples :smile:


I tried in several ways to get it worked, but I never reach my goal. I finally choose to adapt our main software to deliver Multicast UDP and everything is working well this way with DAT UDP.