How to receive camera position data from disguise’s renderstream


How can I receive camera position data from disguise? I can exchange video using renderstream, but I don’t know how to receive position data.

It’s available as a python member in the RenderStream In CHOP. .cameraTransform and .projection.
You can assign them to the Pre Transform page’s Matrix transform parameter in COMPs

I’m sorry. I don’t understand the meaning of “It’s available as a python member in the RenderStream In CHOP.” Is it possible to make an example project file that can actually receive it?

Find the Python docs for Renderstream CHOP by clicking the blue/yellow question mark top left of its parameter window: renderstreaminCHOP Class - Derivative

suppose your Renderstream CHOP is called renderstream1:

In your Camera COMP, set the ‘Xform Matrix/CHOP/DAT’ parameter in expression mode (blue box) and then type this Python expression in it:

set your Camera COMP ‘Projection’ to ‘Custom Projection Matrix’, then set the ‘Proj Matrix/CHOP/DAT’ parameter also to expression mode(blue box) and type this Python expression:

I understood. Thank you very much. I will try it.

It was solved. Thank you very much.

Thanks for the deeper explanation @nettoyeur! We’re working on getting a sample project out as well.