How to recognize colors?

How to crecognize and track particular colors in Touch?

Couldn’t you set the colour you want to track in a table, then use a crop and a Top to Chop, then a Chop to Dat to feed a new table… then do a value comparison?

Something like in this inelegant example :smiley: … though I’m sure there’s a better way.

(constant1 should change to 1 when the tx of the transform is at 0, and change to 0 otherwise…)
track.toe (4.6 KB)

Let me explain: I want to track people in color clothes who will be seen in the camera. Define color of the clothes and project spot with this color on them.

Right. But you could still use the same process (albeit modified).

Have your VideoIn TOP, then a TOPtoCHOP, then a CHOPtoDAT. Use a Select DAT and only grab the ‘0’ Row. Use Columns 0,1,2 to arm the RGB values of a Constant CHOP…

You may want to also do a blob tracking chain and identify the ‘body’, and then get the size and position of the blob, determine where that sits in relation to the size of your camera (resolution), then use that to dynamically set a Crop TOP, and append your TOPtoCHOP to that, so you can hone in on a particular colour…

Again, I’m sure the Derivative staff or other Users on this forum have a better idea, but this is my first though about how to approach it…


Re finding certain colors, you are likely looking for certain hue ranges, not certain RGB values. So use a Chroma Key TOP to isolate based in hue, saturation and value ranges, then get the alpha channel into RGB with a Reorder TOP, and then track that… Blob TOP, custom, whatever.

This is a related question.
when using a chroma key TOP, it would be great to be able to sample a group of pixels from somewhere and feed those values to the various fields in the chromakey TOP. Any thoughts on how to do this? It would be double cool to have something like the ‘eye-dropper’ thingy in photoshop to get colors. I’m assuming this could be made as a component.


Hey rodberry! You are right, i need something like eye-dropper! To find what color of the slothes is in the camera at the moment, key it and track!

Oter ideas are cool too guys! This is what i need to do…

I’m from the world of CG, trying to realize some of my ideas :wink:

There a an eye-dropper type tool in the Tools section of the palette called ColorMeter.

You can pick apart the insides to see how its done.

ColorMeter doesn’t seem to be in the Tolls palette any more. WHat is the current simplest way to pick colours?