How to remap UVs on mesh in FBX geo comp?

Hey all - how do I remap texture UVs on the meshes inside an imported FBX file?

I dig into the fbxComp, then into a given mesh, and add a Texture Sop to the output of the mesh, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect when I alter the texturing types. I even add an Out node after the texture Sop, but still no dice.

I’m sure it’s a newbie issue. Help appreciated!


In order for a SOP to render from within a given geometry component, it needs to have its render flag turned on. Typically you will only want one SOP rendering in a geometry, so you will probably want to make sure the render flag is off on the original mesh SOP and switch it on on the texture SOP, or better yet add a null and use that so you can put other ops in line without playing musical chairs with the render flag. An out SOP simply provides an outlet to get one level up with your result. The render flag is indicated with the little purple dot bottom right of the node, display flag is blue, and does the same thing but for geometry viewers as opposed to render tops. Hope that helps.


Thanks - makes total sense. I hadn’t realized things like the render flags are inherited upward in the hierarchy.

One question - I don’t see any practical difference here between a Null SOP and an Out SOP. Both seem to do the same thing for me. Are there some contexts where one works more than another?

Out OPs are essentially just Nulls that also create an outlet on the parent component for ease of wiring up and into the network level above. Any SOP can be set to render and display, Outs, Nulls, etc, its just that outs and nulls are used in best practice to render/display so you can always add more ops in your chain and keep the final result as your render, display and/or output.