How to replace the instantiated top with chop in particles gpu

I want to replace the top instantiated by geo in particles gpu with chop. After using top to chop, an error message with All OPs must generate the same number of instances. However, I checked that the information for both top and chop is 317 points. May I ask if anyone knows how to solve it?

You would have to set the Crop parameter to ‘Full Image’ on the Crop page, and then turn on the toggle ‘Output as Single Channel Set’ on the Image page.

However, this isn’t recommended as downloading the full image is very slow and will kill your frame rate. (its copying from GPU to CPU 640x640 = 409600 pixels with default settings)

Thanks.It seems a bit complicated, and perhaps it’s my version issue that doesn’t have the 'Full Image‘. Is there any way to reference translate x and translate y from two different TOP variables in Istancing?

You can use the Point Transform TOP to move positional data held in TOPs in 3D space.