How to reposition using Trigger CHOP and Noise CHOP

Hi all! I am making a top down projection where the fish will swim away when the player comes near. Logically simple, however, I am stuck at the part where the fish is being displaced/swims away. In the 2D version, the fish will be displaced by a positive fixed value but it is not always effective especially if its original position is in the negative values. (making it closer to the player). In the 3D version, I tried to use trigger CHOP to alter the original values but it is not working out well. I feel that I might need to use some sort of feedback on the Noise CHOP which is determining the original position of the fishes but I am not too sure how.

Secondly. how do I use the NoiseCHOP to determine where the fish is facing? Right now the fish is only facing one direction and is literally being displaced.

I have attached the working file and would love to hear any inputs! In the file, the player is controlled by MouseIn for now. The fish is the cuboid/cube.

Player_repel_fish.toe (8.4 KB)

Maybe check out some tutoials on bullet-physics. Instead of calculating this yourself, let the user be a repellant force driving away the fished.
NVIDIA-Flex is also quite nice for that and can even simulate large groups of fish :slight_smile: