How to run TD with specific license type?

I am wondering how could you specify license mode for TD - in case it is desirable to run it under “lower” license?

For example lets say I have a Pro license, but I want to try how my project works under Non-commercial or Commercial license.
Or lets say I have Player license on a render node, but there are some shader errors (due to different system / graphics card / etc), so I would just like to quickly debug project on that render node in Non-Commercial mode. How could I do that without actually changing my license?

I feel like I have seen this on forums before, but I can’t seem to find it… Thanks :slight_smile:

You can type:
licenses.disablePro = True

more info:


Thank you very much @rob, that does the trick when going from Pro → Commercial.
But how could one jump to Non-commercial mode (assuming Non-commercial license is installed, but is being overridden by Commercial / Pro / Player license)?

Good question.
Unfortunately looks like we don’t have that option.
I would assume it would be implemented as a ‘.disableCommercial’ next.

We can add that to the feature request list.

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That would be great, thanks.

What about app.addNonCommercialLimit(password) ?


Oh, good catch.
Forgot about that. That looks promising.
I’ve updated the wiki pages.

@alphamoonbase thank you very much, this works really nicely