How to send a large amount of data wireless to Arduino(ESP32)

Hi, I’m working with LED Matrix on ESP32 that wirelessly connected to TouchDesigner and I’m having a problem with sending data from TD to Arduino(ESP32) because of data size.

LED Matrix that I’m using is 96 * 48 pixels and I’m trying to connect 6 of them in on ESP32.

So the LED resolution will be (96 * 6) * 48 and the data size will be LED resolution * 3(RGB) (almost 83000 integer digits between 0 to 255).

At first, I tried OSC to communicate between Arduino and TD but I found that OSC method is not suitable for large amount of data sending.

So I’ve changed the sending method using Websocket DAT.

There was no problem with TD but I had a problem with Arduino because of the limited size of data that Arduino can receive at once.

Therefore I have to find another way to send data from TD to Arduino that can handle more than 80000 integer digits at once.

Is there any recommendation for this project?