How to send two lfo with serial to arduino?

I am trying to drive Leds by sending lfo values from TD to an Arduino.
I am able to drive one Led, but I would like to drive two.
How do I send two serial messages to Arduino ?

Here is my Arduino code, TD attached

int inByte = 0;
int ledPinA = 5;
int ledPinB = 6;
int mySerialA;
int mySerialB;

void setup() {
while (!Serial) { ; }
pinMode(ledPinA, OUTPUT);
pinMode(ledPinB, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
if (Serial.available() > 0) inByte =;
mySerialA = inByte;
analogWrite(ledPinA, mySerialA);

Thank you!

arduinoserial.toe (4.1 KB)