How to send x2 sensor data from Arduino → TouchDesigner


Q. Is there any way I can send x2 (or more) real-time pulse sensor data from Arduino to Touch Designer?

It’s my first post, recently I am trying to connect the x2 pulse sensor to the Arduino and send the real-time pulse data to the Touch designer via Serial DAT. It worked well with x1 pulse sensor on Arduino and I could see real-time pulse sensor data appearing on Serial DAT. However, when 2nd pulse sensor was attached there was a random alphabet appearing on the serial DAT monitor but no essential data was transmitted on the Touch Designer.

What I am trying to achieve is to send x2 pulse sensor data from Arduino to Touch Designer but so far I haven’t solved it by myself.

< Below are what I tried so far (& failed) >
(1) Attach x2 pulse sensor with x1 Arduino UNO, send data to TouchDesigner via USB modem and insert serial DAT. *Result: Serial DAT displayed random alphabets and no essential data was seen on the TD.

(2) Attach x1 pulse sensor on each Arduino UNO, connected on PC via a USB modem. Before opening on serial DAT, realized the second type C port on my mac was for battery only (it’s a shame since this is such a basic).

(3) Use firmata instead serial DAT, later learned firmata is for regulating Arduino from Touch Designer.

Pulse sensor (http s:// pulsesensor. com /)
Arduino UNO, Arduino R3
USB Modem
M1 MacBook Pro

I know this is very basic but I only used both Touch Designer and Arduino for two weeks so any advice is appreciated.

Thank you for your time & support!


I never use firmata, not very reliable and not easy to maintain.
I wrote a general arduino and TD system alowing 53 digital and 6 analog input
You can use it, just change the number of input to suit your needs, mine is made to use the 53 Mega’s inputs. A little bit too much for Uno!
There is some comment in the code but not many.

void setup() {
  //start serial connection
  //configure pins 2 as input and enable the internal pull-up resistor
  for (int i = 2 ; i <= 53; i++){
  pinMode(i, INPUT_PULLUP);

void loop() {
  //read the pushbutton value into a variable
  String sendVal = "v";
  for (int i = 2 ; i <= 53; i++){
  sendVal += digitalRead(i);
  //print out the value of the pushbutton
  //read analog into variable and print it
  String A = "A";
  A += analogRead(A0);
  String B = "B";
  B += analogRead(A1);
  String C = "C";
  C += analogRead(A2);
  String D = "D";
  D += analogRead(A3);
  String E = "E";
  E += analogRead(A4);
  String F = "F";
  F += analogRead(A5);

arduinoReceipt.toe (4.7 KB)


Thank you very much for the code example. My knowledge of writing Arduino sketch is still beginner, so I’m trying to adjusting it to fit my sensor & pin numbers. There was no example of transmitting multiple sensors data to Touch Designer, so your example was very helpful. Again, thank you so much for your reply!