How to switch between 2 channel outputs as a reference for a operator value?

I have two channels inside a constant, One is a float and the other is a parameter name / reference of another generative value. I would like another top’s param to use either the float or the reference (stored inside a constant) as a value, depending on the toggle of a button.

  • I already have my midi-mapped to a button that toggle either on or off.
  • How do I make the constant ouptut one of the channels based on the toggle?

I have a complex network and the constant and toggle op are at highest level of hierarchy in the system while the param I’m trying to link the constant’s output value to is atleast 2/3 directories deeper.

Seems like a switch CHOP is what you want to use yeah? Just separate the two values into two different constant CHOPs, or a constant CHOP and a parameter CHOP and switch between them with your midi value exported to the index par of the switch CHOP. Reference the result in whatever parameter you need, hierarchy difference doesn’t really matter, though parent shortcuts may make the final reference more portable if you need to move things.